About Us

Our Philosophy

It is the intent of Lilly Bug’s Children’s Center to provide an educational environment designed to meet the mental, physical, creative, emotional, and social needs of all children enrolled in our program. We shall provide a secure and loving environment conducive to the individual and group needs of the children. A trusting and non-competitive atmosphere will be provided where children learn self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-discipline.

Since play is the business of childhood, careful consideration is given to the planning of play so that through taste, touch, smell, and listening, children are able to master these play experiences, and the ways in which children discover.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - At this age, children’s bodies are growing rapidly so time is spent in activities that will aid in coordination and healthy growth.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Help children to discover how to get along with individuals, and in a group environment.

EMOTION DEVELOPMENT – The understanding of oneself as a unique and important person, building confidence in that person and developing self-control when expressing one’s feelings and thoughts to others.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – The basic skills of language and communication are the basis of learning for children.  Recognizing that, we will become an integral link with children enrolled and parents, our collective goal is to serve parents by sharing knowledge of their child(ren).

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