Happy Parent Testimonials

"All three of my kids have walked through Lilly Bug's door for preschool and daycare.  It set the foundation to be successful in kindergarten and beyond and I cannot thank them enough! I recently decided to go back to school full time and part of what made that decision so easy was that I knew my youngest daughter (then age 2) would be in the best hands with Mrs. Annette and Mrs. Teresa. There was never a day that my older two didn’t want to go to preschool because they loved going there so much. It's bright, colorful, CLEAN! Best of all, I knew they felt loved and safe. Mrs. Annette and Mrs. Teresa are like family to us now and I’m certain other families that attend the center feel the same way."

Brittney Garcia

"Lilly Bugs has been a home away from home for my boys.  Every morning when we drop them off, our littlest one runs up to Ms. Teresa, who cares for him in the infant room, to give her a hug. The care and kindness that each staff member shows our children makes every penny worth it. We are so grateful for the daycare being able to meet our family's needs, which include transportation to and from school as well as care for our little ones while we work. I highly recommend Lilly Bugs. They are always making improvements to do what is best for each of the children they so lovingly care for. We can't speak highly enough of them."

Casey Cisneros

"Best decision of my life…..When I first became pregnant many years ago, I had to think long and hard about who I would trust with the care of my children. All the pressures of being a mom but also wanting to maintain my career really put a strain on my desire to return to work after maternity leave. Like all major decisions, I prayed for God to reveal the best option for my family. After several interviews with daycare providers / nannies I was ready to stay home and ensure my children's best interest. Until the day we arrived at the Romero family's child care business aka Lilly Bugs. Once I met the owner, Annette and her family, I felt a sense of relief and was immediately convinced this was the best opportunity for my children's growth and a nurturing environment to learn. RFCC/Lilly Bugs helped me to raise my family not just as providers of care, but as a mentor to all of us. The bond with my family was so much more than a contract/business relationship….it still is my kids 2nd home, and our extended family. Trusting them with my child care needs was probably the most important and best decision I have made in my life. I truly believe they have helped me raise my kids into the best versions of themselves."

Allison Knowlton

"We finally found a daycare that seems like a perfect fit! We tried two other daycares before starting at Lilly Bug's Children Center. Once we saw the school and where he would be learning and growing, we knew it would be a nurturing and loving environment. Our son is 11 months old and finding someone that had the same views was important in regard to his care. They align with your care methods and that was so necessary for us. I feel comforted knowing that our son is in good hands. He is so happy to see his teacher, Miss Teresa and seeing him smile when he sees her is great assurance."

Kayla Rud

Our Philosophy

It is the intent of Lilly Bug’s Children’s Center to provide an educational environment designed to meet the mental, physical, creative, emotional, and social needs of all children enrolled in our program. We shall provide a secure and loving environment conducive to the individual and group needs of the children. A trusting and non-competitive atmosphere will be provided where children learn self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-discipline.

Since play is the business of childhood, careful consideration is given to the planning of play so that through taste, touch, smell, and listening, children are able to master these play experiences, and the ways in which children discover.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - At this age, children’s bodies are growing rapidly so time is spent in activities that will aid in coordination and healthy growth.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Help children to discover how to get along with individuals, and in a group environment.

EMOTION DEVELOPMENT – The understanding of oneself as a unique and important person, building confidence in that person and developing self-control when expressing one’s feelings and thoughts to others.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – The basic skills of language and communication are the basis of learning for children.  Recognizing that, we will become an integral link with children enrolled and parents, our collective goal is to serve parents by sharing knowledge of their child(ren).

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